To whom it may concern,

In reference to your demand regarding the Conflict Minerals issue, we would like to inform you that all the raw materials used in our productions are from selected origins and fully comply with the Conflict Minerals law. We checked and all our suppliers join the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (cfsi).

Indeed, as far as tungsten raw materials are concerned, we have carefully checked with our suppliers about their origin and made sure they do work with virgin raw materials that do not originate from areas concerned by the Conflict Minerals Act, such as Democratic Republic of Congo or surroundings regions.

We, Meyer Sintermetall AG, herewith finally confirm that we do not get supplies of the following materials, i.e. Gold, Tantalum, Tin but tungsten which fully complies with the spirit and rules edited by the Conflict Minerals Act.


Meyer Christoph

To download :

Conflict Minerals PDF (1.5 Mo)