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Silencers for compressed air systems PorSilent®
Compressed air is frequently used for powering cylinders, clutches, adjusting devices, fixtures, etc. The working speed of these elements results in the evacuation of important quantities of compressed air in the atmosphere within a very short interval of time.

When the moving mass of air hits the immobile, surrounding atmosphere, the shock waves easily produce noise levels of 100 dB(A). Such noise levels can have adverse effects on the health and the productivity of the concerned staff.

Thus, there are good reasons to use PorSilent® silencers

Ask for our full catalogue with our important assortment of PorSilent silencers, full technical details, space requirements and selling price. If you cannot find a product with the properties you require, please let us know. We will examine the possibility of adding it to the existing product line.

Advantages of PorSilent® silencers :
  • Excellent attenuating effect thanks to the single and double chamber design and an ideally controlled through-flow.
  • An important choice of models offers the right solution to almost any application.
  • The dimensional stability of sintered filters (no swelling) guarantees constant values of through-flow, resulting in a high reproductibility of the system functions.
  • Strong, shock resistant and suitable for pneumatic pressures up to 25 bars. Other versions available on request.
  • Resistant to pollution and therefore extended intervals of maintenance and lower cost.
  • Reusable after cleaning with current cleaning agents, such as soapy solutions, benzol, or chlorinated industrial solvents.
Selection criteria :
  • The noise attenuation effect must accommodated to the requirements of the system, in order not to affect the operating speed. It is, therefore, important to select the appropriate silencer model.
  • Good silencer quality is characterised by minimum flow resistance, remaining constant over a long period of time.
  • In the same time, system reproducibility must stay optimal, together with a considerable noise reduction. Also, little maintenance, reusability and durability are typical features of all our silencers.

Documents on request

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