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The process

Metal powders

The metal powders are selected according to the mechanical characteristics requested, then mixed with a lubricant. The combination of different powders allows us to obtain the exact alloy desired by our customer.


The powder mixture is loaded into a special tool and then compacted under precisely defined conditions. This tool, consisting of an upper and lower punch and the die, exerts an incremental compression cycle to assure uniform density of the component. After this operation, the upper punch releases the compact which has already its final shape.


The sintering process takes place in special ovens under protective gas or vacuum at a temperature sufficient to occur motion of atoms and the reduction of particle's surface energy. This process, called diffusion over the surface along the grain boundaries or through the crystalline lattice, results in a sintered part with high mechanical resistance. In the case of liquid phase sintering, the compact is heated to a point where slightly but well-controlled amount of liquid is induced. (Sintering rate is much faster with formation of liquid phase due to a fast diffusion rate. A key of liquid phase sintering is wettability with solid phase).

An economical and ecological process

Obviously, this method offers both economical and ecological advantages. It allows to produce efficiently, in a few steps and without any loss of material, formed components which are accurate and ready to be installed. If required, secondary operations can be carried out without any limitation.

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