Tungsten heavy alloys RECONIT® and W-Ni-Fe alloys

Some applications require specific weight, such as oscillating weights for wrist watches, counter-weights, gyroscopes, grinding wheel shafts, projectile cores).

Thanks to the specific the high density between 16 and 18.5 g/cm3, our parts made of RECONIT® are ideally suited for these applications. Reconit parts are available as blanks with a tolerance of 1-2%, calibrated IT7 or finished following customer's specification. The RECONIT® alloy is perfectly suitable for secondary mechanical operations and finishing by electroplating processes

W-Ni-Fe alloys have excellent strength and ductility. We offer several alloy compositions with various densities and mechanical strength.

We also produce very high strength and ductility alloys as well as non-porous alloys for special surface applications.

Our experts will provide a tailored material for your individual applications. Please contact us for further discussion.

Documents on request

Technical data sheet available on request

  • Christmas holidays 2019

    Christmas holidays 2019

    Our company will be closed from Thursday 19.12.2019 (included) to Monday 06.01.2020.

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  • Retirement : Brigitte Krähenbühl

    Retirement : Brigitte Krähenbühl

    Our production employee, Brigitte Krähenbühl, is retiring after almost 20 years of loyalty. We thank her for her commitment and wish her all the best for this new life.

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  • New OPP 2000 press

    New OPP 2000 press

    Acquisition of the latest development of the Osterwalder company. The world’s first OPP 2000 hybrid electric/hydraulic press from the Lyss plants is at Meyer Sintermetall !

    This press with a 200-tons compression force, with various new features and equipped with 4 upper and 4 lower plates, makes it possible to produce highly complex parts. We have also equipped this press with a robot from Roboworker, which makes it totally autonomous.

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  • New employee : Sven Egli

    New employee : Sven Egli

    We are pleased to welcome Sven Egli as our new tool setter. His experience in press adjustment will be very useful to us.

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  • New 64-ton Osterwalder CASP press

    New 64-ton Osterwalder CASP press

    Inauguration of our new 64-ton press, fully electric, therefore ecological and economical, allowing us to produce high-precision parts with a very high production rate.

    This press is equipped with a Roboworker robot which makes it totally autonomous but which also allows this press to be used to size sintered parts requiring maximum precision.

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  • Environmental Management System

    Environmental Management System

    We are now also certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

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  • New employee : Martin Schwab

    New employee : Martin Schwab

    We are pleased to welcome Martin Schwab as workshop manager. We are pleased to benefit from his experience in powder compaction.

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  • New Powder Mixer

    New Powder Mixer

    Acquisition of 2 additional powder mixers to increase capacity.

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  • New optical inspection equipment

    New optical inspection equipment

    In order to facilitate the control of our production and to avoid outsourcing some control operations in the future, we have acquired an optical three-dimensional measuring device that also allows tactile measurements.

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